0. Warmup

build in KB Windmill Mobility & Skill Work

A. Strength (00:15-00:35)
Today is Week 2 of our strength work with the shoulder press and our final week. All sets should be fast and efficient and should not be even close to hitting failure or grinding repetitions.

1) Shoulder Press: 3 warmup sets then 5 x 3 @55% of two Friday´s ago
2) Chest Supported DB Rows: 1warmup sets then 4 x 12. Rest 60s.
– same weight as last week but pause for a 1 count on each rep

B. Conditioning (00:35-00:55) 
No one should have to rest excessively during this metcon. This metcon relies heavily on the aerobic system.

4 Rounds of 40s on/20s off:
1a) Wall Balls (20, 14 lb)
1b) Hand Release Push-ups
1c) Barbell SDHP (35, 25 kg)
1d) KB Windmills (24, 16 kg) (alternate sides each round)
*Score = total reps

C. Accessory

Banded Hammer Curls: 4 x 25. Rest 60s.
– top range reps ONLY – don’t go all the way down


A. Skill (00:15- 00:30)
Today we’ll perform static holds of 10-15 seconds of work with the L-Sit and Handstand Hold. This work should be challenging, but you need to make sure you are scaling so 10-15s of work is reasonable.

ODD Minutes: 10-15 seconds L-Sit Hold
EVEN Minutes: 15-20 seconds Handstand Hold

B. Conditioning (0:35-00:55) 
Today’s metcon is about starting slow and giving your body time to adjust to the demands of the workout – keep in mind this is an important aspect of all our conditioning work called the ”adaptation phase.”

10 KBS (24, 16) (american)
10 T2B
400 Meter Run

C. Accessory

Rollback Triceps Extensions: 4 x 12. Rest 60s.


0. Prep for Strength

A. Strength (00:15- 00:35)
Today is the final week of our Sumo Deadlift work – +5% from last week. All sets should be fast, efficient, zero breakdown in form. Resetting on each rep – these are NOT done touch n go.

1) Sumo Deadlift against a band: 3 warmup sets
8 x 3 @65%, every 60s.
– Based off of 1RM Sumo Deadlift (no band)
2) Kneeling Jump + Box Jump: 1/6 x 3 (1 rep of each = 1 rep). Rest 60s.
– L2/L1: Seated Dynamic Vertical Jumps: 6 x 3. Rest 60s.

B. Conditioning (00:35-00:55) 
100% effort! You should be able to complete ALL sets of Front Squats Unbroken – so if there is any doubt whatsoever go lighter!

3 rounds of
12 Burpees
12 DB Front Squat (22,5kg, 35pds)
Rest 4 min afterwards and try to recover, AND then repeat! So in total you do this WOD twice.

C. Accessory
for 5 min Light row, jog, or bike.


A. Strength (00:15 – 00:35)
Today we are performing a new protocol for muscular gains performing 3 movements in a row then resting. All sets should be VERY hard, but you’ll be close to failure. You’ll see similar work to this again next week but with different muscle groups.

3-4 Rounds of:
6 Close Grip Bench Press (challenging weight)
12 Rollback Triceps Extensions
25 Banded Triceps Pushdowns
No rest between movements, but Rest 3:00 after all three exercises.

B. Conditioning (00:35-00:55) 
We are performing some very challenging work with the sled + loaded carry. This is another workout not to underestimate but you will be working with a partner and able to split as needed. Keep in mind the combination of sled + loaded carry will elicit a huge spike in heart-rate!

Max Distance in 18:00 with a partner:
 performs Asymmetrical Carry
– 1 KB in Front Rack + 1 KB Overhead
– Alternate Sides as you see fit.
while B is pushing prowler or on Assault Bike for 15 cals

C. Accessory
5 Minutes of Parasympathetic Breathing




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